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We are a Florida-based American company of over 25 years. We are always looking for new ideas and product improvements and are proud to present to you our latest innovation, SuperBidet, an elegant and functional bidet attachment.

SuperBidet has two international quality certificates of ISO (International Organization for Standardization). Our bidet attachment is made of a highly resistant ABS and operates with a unique hydraulic system that provides you with an ideal wash with water.

We created our company because we believe in living a healthy, happy, and good life without spending a lot of money. We have seen the need of an eco-friendly solution to the bathroom experience, a need for SuperBidet. Cleaning with water after toilet use offers you comfort, and a feeling of freshness, and serves to aid people with medical conditions associated with hygiene and toilet paper use. We provide excellence of product quality and satisfactory customer service. Our motto: Using is believing!

Mario Fallon

President, CEO

M.F.B. Trading USA, Inc.

Transforming Your Bathroom Experience with SuperBidet