Top quality bidet attachment for your home

Easy to Use and Easy to Install

Use Water to Clean, and Save on Toilet Paper

SuperBidet is an attachment that can be installed between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl. It comes with a control knob for adjusting water pressure and a dual nozzle that ejects fresh water for rear and front/or feminine wash after each toilet use. Bidets have been popular in Europe and many other countries for years and are now rising in popularity in the United States.

SuperBidet New Model!

The whole family can enjoy cleaner, fresher, and healthier personal hygiene. Using is believing!

Ultimate Bathroom Accessory

    • QUALITY, OUR FIRST PRIORITY – SuperBidet has 2 certificates of quality ISO, the world’s best known quality certification for products that meet international standard of excellence.
    • ULTRA-SLIM AND DURABLE – The body of the bidet is 0.23 inches and leaves no toilet seat gap.
    • DUAL SPRAY NOZZLES – The ideal angle of 45 and 65 degrees for targeted front and rear wash.

5 Reasons why we should all have SuperBidet in our home

SuperBidet is an accessory that you can

easily install on your existing toilet.

Use water, and save toilet paper!


Provides excellent hygiene.

Nozzle sprayer

Has an ideal angle for cleaning.

Hydraulic system

Requires no electricity.

Easy to use

Practical for the whole family.

Do it yourself in minutes

Introducing SuperBidet, the ultimate bathroom accessory that provides maximum comfort and cleanliness. With its user-friendly design, SuperBidet is easy to set up in just a few minutes, giving you the ultimate bidet experience without the need for professional installation. Say goodbye to traditional toilet paper and upgrade to the SuperBidet for a more luxurious and eco-friendly bathroom experience. Order yours today and see the difference for yourself!

Doctor recommended

Think about using dry toilet paper. You’re leaving a residue of stool and bacteria, whereas if you’re using a bidet, you’re washing that away,” Phillip J. Buffington, MD, chief medical officer of the Urology Group in Cincinnati.

People who use bidets are much less likely to have issues with rashes and discomfort and irritation.Alan Kamrava, MD, a California-based colorectal and general surgeon.


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