What is SuperBidet?

SuperBidet is an attachment installed between the toilet seat and toilet bowl for a healthier personal hygiene. You do not need to replace the seat, just place a thin attachment. It comes with a control knob for adjusting water pressure and a dual nozzle that ejects fresh water for rear or front washes. Bidets have long been widely used in Europe and many other countries and are now increasingly popular in the United States. Superbidet is practical and easy to install.

How does SuperBidet work?

SuperBidet does not require electricity or batteries. By turning the control knob to the right or left, a nozzle is lowered for rear or front wash. When water runs through the unit, the nozzle extends to a full cleaning position. When water stream stops, it retracts to its hidden position.


For first time users, turn the knob very slowly to find the right water stream pressure for you. Take your time to adjust and find your preferred strength. Toilet paper can be used to dry.

Why is SuperBidet good for women?

When a woman uses water to clean during menstruation, she would feel refreshed in her most sensitive areas. Superbidet is also designed to accommodate her needs as it has dual nozzles for both rear and front washes.

Benefits of SuperBidet

Enjoy the benefits of SuperBidet in your home. By reducing the use of toilet paper, you can save money and help the planet by preventing the cutting of trees.

You will create an excellent habit and a healthy lifestyle. Wet wipes often wipe away your skin’s natural oils and cause discomfort.People with hemorrhoids or medical conditions also find cleaning with water less aggravating than wiping. For seniors with mobility problems, SuperBidet helps them feel refreshed and confident when wiping becomes difficult.

Quality is Our Top Priority

We use high quality materials. The body of Superbidet is made of the superior, solid, and durable ABS (thermoplastic polymer). Thinner is better. SuperBidet is very thin, 0.23 inches thick. It easily fits most toilets, leaving no space between the seat and the toilet seat. The braided hose is made of stainless steel and the T adaptor is made of brass.