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SuperBidet is an accessory for personal hygiene. It can be easily adapted to any toilet and uses water for an ultimate sanitary experience.

SuperBidet works by using a control knob to regulate the intensity of water. By turning the knob to the right, a nozzle descends so one can rinse oneself with ease and comfort. The desired pressure can be attained by adjusting the knob left for less flow/pressure and right for more flow/pressure. Once done, simply dry with toilet paper.

Yes, SuperBidet is ideal for the whole family. It’s ideal for the elderly, people with disabilities, and/or limited movement. Children can use it under adult supervision so the intensity of water can be regulated correctly and safely.

The average consumption of water depends on the person. In average, for each wash, it consumes approximately half a glass of water (4oz or 12ml).

When we leave home for a prolonged period of time, it is always advisable to shut off the water valve, gas and electricity. This is a preventive measure, not only for SuperBidet but for safety reasons.

You can clean Superbidet as you would normally clean your toilet bowl, however, try to avoid applying chlorine directly to the bidet. A soft bristle brush is recommended to clean the five small holes on the nozzle.

Yes, it is very easy to remove SuperBidet: first, shut off the water supply valve, then remove the toilet seat, unscrew the adaptor, remove the bidet, then you can simply put back the toilet seat and reconnect the water supply valve to the wall. SuperBidet can be easily installed on your new toilet by following previous installation procedures.

Yes, SuperBidet can be installed on almost all types of toilets. However, for some toilets like Corona’s Montecarlo and San Giorgio, there are two options for an adequate installation:

1-Replace the seat that comes with the soft close mechanism with a standard close mechanism;
2-Place 2 or 3 rings made of plastic or steel on each seat bolt before placing the SuperBidet in order to raise the seat;

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